Do you know that different numbers of bamboo have different meanings in Feng Shui?

A bamboo stalk

Represents the arrival of luck and good luck.

Two bamboo stalks

Two bamboo stalks are symbols of love and successful emotional relationships.

Three bamboo stalks

Three bamboo stalks symbolize three kinds of luck
Happiness, longevity, wealth.

Four bamboos stalks

In Chinese culture, 4 bamboo stalks have a negative interpretation with bad luck.

Five bamboo stalks

It is a symbol of health for the family.

Six bamboos stalks

In Feng Shui, six bamboos attract prosperity and blessings.

Seven bamboos stalks

Bring health to the family.

Eight bamboo stalks

It is a symbol of growth and development and increases fertility.

Nine bamboos stalk

Represents the energies of chance.
According to Feng Shui, nine bamboo stalks bring success to life.

Ten bamboo stalks

Represent soul perfection

Twenty-one bamboo stalks

It represents a strong and powerful blessing in life

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