Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese geomantic science of Feng Shui is the study and analysis of the interaction between people, buildings and their environment and aims to secure financial and human luck.

It is the harmonious balance of space and energy through the most suitable allocation of rooms and their arrangement of furniture and objects. Various Feng Shui schools are applied as well as the Feng Shui principles of QI, Yin & Yang and the Five elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

What’s your benefit?

Feng Shui is a ancient practice that analyses our surrounding energies, aiming to channel those energies to enhance our health, wealth and other life aspects. A professional Feng Shui practitioner has the tools and knowledge to measure and understand the existing energies and knows how to address serious and harmful imbalances in health, life and financial matters.



Feng Shui Wellness Design for residential spaces will give you information on what is the current energy situation of your environment and how this affects your personal life aspects such as health and finances.

The audit report reveals recommendations on how to rebalance the energies of your home to ensure good health and happiness of all the home residents.

Commercial / Corporate

A Business focused audit and report to support company success and the health of the employees in the office, retail or working environment.

Situation analysis of the current premises, including exterior and interior spaces and how this affects employees, clients and ultimately the success of the business, with recommendations on how to re-balance the energies for the most beneficial financial outcome.

Consultation Rates

Although Feng Shui is a subject that relates very easily with each individual, it still requires a correct guidance and proper understanding for it to work successfully. To be able to benefit from the cosmic chi, one needs to be correctly guided. We have made consultations very easy and affordable. The available types of consultations are:

Online consultation personalized:

Online Consultation On receipt of the required details such as your birth data, Master Practitioner we will send you a short and comprehensive case analysis. As per this analysis you will be able to know your Kua No., your good and bad directions, your sleeping and working directions. The colors and numbers most suitable to you, your most auspicious years and she will advice cures and enhancers for any two questions asked by you.

Price $ 150

Online consultation for up to 5 member family:

Consultation of Blue Prints or Floor Plans In this case the blue print of the house / apartment / office is required to be sent by post or email. We will send a Case Analysis giving clear views regarding the most suitable sectors of the house. Eating, sleeping and lounging directions for all family members – to a maximum of 5 members per family.

Price $ 380

Feng Shui Analysis based on personalized visit to site in Victoria Bc by Elham Design:

Apartment: 1Bedroom -$225

2Bedroom- $270

3Bedroom -$324

4Bedroom-$ 450

Villa: Up to 3Bedrrom -$324

Up to 4Bedroom -$450

Up to Bedroom- $540

Offices –up to 1000sq ft- $324

Over 1000sq ft-additional $2 per sq ft

Floor Plan Analysis-Distant- $150

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