Full Service Design

Every project begins with a consultation. Design consultations are ideal for any homeowner; whether you’re looking for a jump start to a ED project or you need full service design from inspiration to installation. The consultation allows us to go a little deeper into your likes, dislikes, how you plan to utilize the space and the overall mood you aspire to achieve. The in home consultation lasts for up to 2 hours and is $180.

Who’s It For?

This service is best suited for clients that lack the time and interest to do the work themselves; you prefer a turn key experience by having a design professional do all the heavy lifting.

Full Service Design Process

My goal with full service design is to ensure the process is efficient as possible in order to achieve your desired outcome. With that in mind, I’ve implemented a 3 phase process that’s easy to follow and delivers the best results.

Phase 1: Design Concept Development

This phase is broken down into 2 steps. The first step begins with space planning. This can essentially be labeled as the project kick off and involves designing 1-2 custom floor plans for the client. These floor plans are then presented to the client. In this meeting, we will finalize and choose a floor plan that best supports your unique lifestyle and phase of life.

Once we have determined your spatial needs, the next step is shopping! This is where the style & furnishing plan is developed. This plan includes selected furnishings, materials, and any color scheme. A detailed breakdown of the budget is also provided.

The style & furnishing plan is then presented to the client. This involves a 1-2 hour presentation in the client’s home. One revision is allowed and must be requested during this meeting. Once the style & furnishing plan is approved and signed off, the balance of our design fee plus 100% of the furnishings budget is also required.

A follow up presentation may be required in those situations where a revision was requested. At this follow up meeting, we will go over the previously approved items and any newly incorporated items that were agreed upon from the revision. This follow up meeting is the final presentation and will help you to visualize what the intended space will look like. Any budget adjustments that were made from the revision will be discussed as well.

Phase 2: Procurement & Project Management

This is where the real work begins! This phase involves placing and tracking orders; assessing lead times; dealing with any back orders or discontinued items; maintaining trade schedules, and updating the budget. With any back orders or excessive lead times, we will discuss whether or not to re-select items. This phase involves a lot of moving parts and there will be a monkey wrench or three thrown into our plans! This is completely normal and expected however; this is also the reason why you hired me-to keep things moving forward and help lessen the stress you feel throughout this process.

Once all purchased items are received, they are taken to a receiving warehouse. Upon arrival, the items are inspected for damages. If no damages, items are tagged and stored for installation day. If any damage(s) occurred, a claim is processed and items are re-ordered . Once all re-ordered items have been received and tagged, installation day is then scheduled.

It is preferred to have installation to occur in one day instead of several different deliveries onsite. However; those custom items like window treatments will be installed prior to installation day.

Phase 3: Installation & Project Reveal or Closeout

We made it! Yay!!

This is the big day where installation, styling, and the project reveal takes place. The client is led around their space to ooh and aah at the transformation while I get the opportunity to point out any special features of an item, warranties and care instructions.

Within a 24-48 hour period after the reveal, myself and the client will have a final walk through where the client is allowed to point out any deficiencies observed. Any deficiency that is under my realm of responsibility will be addressed within a 14 day period. Any deficiency that falls under a trade responsibility will be directly communicated to that respective trade by the client.

A final invoice that covers outstanding fees from delivery companies, cleaning services, etc will be presented to client at this walk-through