Online Interior Design And Feng shui Services

A full-blown trend to stay, online interior design-Feng shui services are transforming the way we access interior design help. It’s the magic combination of professional design guidance, affordable prices, plus an easy and quick process that is attractive to people everywhere. These and so many wonderful experiences with our online design team have encouraged a closer look at the best online interior design services out there.


1.Send me email and leave your contact number

2.After our first meeting that we talked about your aims send me your home pictures.

3.After 4 working days you get a your home specific design

4.If you want to go on to the next step to porch furniture and accessories we send you a second part document as project management ,that step is so exciting.


  • Although Feng Shui is a subject that relates very easily with each individual, it still requires a correct guidance and proper understanding for it to work successfully. To be able to benefit from the cosmic chi, one needs to be correctly guided. We have made consultations very easy and affordable. The available types of consultations are: Personalized Consultation in our location (Duration – 1 hr.) Price $ 54
  • Online Consultation On receipt of the required details such as your birth data, Master Practitioner we will send you a short and comprehensive case analysis. As per this analysis you will be able to know your Kua No., your good and bad directions, your sleeping and working directions. The colors and numbers most suitable to you, your most auspicious years and she will advice cures and enhancers for any two questions asked by you. Price $ 153
  • Consultation of Blue Prints or Floor Plans In this case the blue print of the house / apartment / office is required to be sent by post or email. We will send a Case Analysis giving clear views regarding the most suitable sectors of the house. Eating, sleeping and lounging directions for all family members – to a maximum of 5 members per family. Cures & Enhancers for the entire house. Will answer questions as per your requirement. Price $ 380/-

Feng Shui Analysis based on personalized visit to site in Victoria Bc
by Elham Khezri

Apartment Price
1 Bedroom $225
2 Bedroom $270
3 Bedroom $324
4 Bedroom $450
Villa Price
Up to 3 Bedrooms $324
Up to 4 Bedrooms $450
Up to 5 Bedrooms $540
Office Price
Offices –up to 1000 sq ft $324
Over 1000 sq ft – additional 2$ per sq ft additional 2$ per sq ft
Floor Plan Price
Floor Plan Analysis-Distant $150

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